Monday, January 23, 2017

iSlimming Contest 竞赛

Are you up for the challenge to be our next iSlimming superstar?
Join us now! The best way to lose weight in 60 days! 

How To Join: 

步骤/Step 1 (Malaysia) 
To participate, eligible contestants (participant) is required to pay RM100 for registration fees (RM50 by Contestant & RM50 by Upline). 
Payable to Publick Bank: 
Share to Success Network 3131040915

步骤/Step 1 *(Singapore) 
To participate, eligible contestants (participant) is required to pay SGD34 for registration fees (SGD17 by Contestant & SGD17 by Upline). 
Payable to DBS Saving Plus
Ivy Tan Lee Mooi 066-1-019212

步骤/Step 2
To participate iSlimming contest you simply have to complete the form with your full details, attach original bank slip of registration fees, before photo and video via the link below:

照片例子/Photo Example:  
(File size: up to 5 MB of image data per work 文件大小:最多5 MB)

请确保您的照片和视频是以纵向方式拍摄并从与镜头保持合适的距离以确保全身入境。(请避免发送臂/头/腿拍摄不完整或半身的照片或视频)。Please ensure your photograph & video is taken in portrait (tall) and from a distance which allows you to fit comfortably inside the image. (Please do not send in photographs with half your arm/head/legs cut off).

视频例子/Video Example: 
(File size: up to 25 MB of image data per work 文件大小:最多25 MB)

步骤/Step 3
在竞赛期间,参赛者必须购买最少四盒SoyGreen,并将收据的副本连同您的“挑战后照片和视频” 在 2017年3月28日至3月31日提交给我们通过下面的链接:

With a minimum purchase of four boxes of SoyGreen throughout the contest period and a copy of the invoice is required to submit to us with your ‘After Challenge Photo & Video’ between 28 - 31 March 2017 via the link below: 

参赛条款与条规 Terms & Conditions:
1) 参赛者必须符合以下资条件以认证参赛资格: 在2017年2月1日至3月31日期间最少购买四盒SoyGreen
Contestants must meet the following requirements to be eligible: minimum purchase of four boxes of SoyGreen throughout the contest period from 1 February until 31 March 2017.

2)每名参赛者在竞赛期间最多可获得300美元。 被选中的获胜者在整个比赛中只能有一个获胜的名额。
There is a maximum of USD300 Cash to be given out per person throughout the contest period. The selected winners can only win once throughout the contest.

Top 10 awards are judged based on personal improvement between your before and your after, it is NOT judged based on who has most weight lost.

4)iTem World保留拒绝任何不完整,无法辨认,损毁,超过截止日期提交,没有适当的购买证明或其他原因的参赛资格。

iTeam World reserves the right to disqualify any entries which are incomplete, illegible, disfigured, submitted beyond the deadline or without proper proof of purchase or such other reason.

5)1KG = 30USD是在以3KG为基底之后计算。
示例:总体重减轻8KG = 5KG X 30USD = 150USD(汇至eWallet)
1KG = 30USD is given in every KG after third/3KG and above.
Example: Total weight lost 8KG = 8KG-3KG= 5KG 
5KG X 30USD = 150USD (credit to eWallet)

6) 参赛者不得在比赛期间或之后提出任何异议或提出任何口头书面的投诉,公告或声明。
The Contestants shall not dispute nor make any oral written complaints, public announcement or statements during or after the contest period.

7) 主办方保留随时自行修改,删除或添加条款和以及其他规则和条例的权利,包括比赛的机制。
The Organizer reserves the right to change, amend, delete or add to the Terms and Conditions and other rules and regulations including the mechanism of the contest at any time at its absolute discretion. 

8) 主办方保留权利随时选择参赛者的照片发布在其下的社交网络或网站上。
The Organizer reserves the right to select the photo posts to be published on its public social networking service accounts or website. 

9) 比赛期间为2017年2月1日至3月31日。
The contest period is from 1st February to 31st March 2017.

10) 所有合格的参赛者将会发布在我们的网站。。All qualified entries will be posted on our website at

11) 此比赛只是公开于马来西亚和新加坡的iTeam会员而已。
This contest is strictly open to Malaysian and Singaporean iTeam members only.

12) 所有参赛者必须在2017年3月10号前提iSlimming表格。
The due date for submission of iSlimming Registration Form for iSlimming Contest 2017 is 10 March 2017. 

报名成功后,记得时时刻刻关注iTeam World Facebook,我们将会为您送上各种帮助您更有效瘦身的小贴示,让您轻轻松松以公斤换美金!

Remember to check us out on iTeam World Facebook after a successful registration, we will constantly update slimming tips for you to easily turn KGs into USDs!

Email us for more info: 

iSlimming的参赛者现在可以上我们的网站www.iTeamWorld.com查询您的登录名字是否出现,如果您的资料提交超过三天还是还没出现,请电邮至 查询详情。
iSlimming's contestant is now able to login to our website at to check your status, please email us at if your name is still not on the list after 3 working days from your submission date.

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